One More Week Of Busy

I need more sleep. Usually, I wake up early. Around 6 am early, not Jocko Willink style 04.30 early. But still, if you routinely go to bed around 11 pm (or later) and wake up at 6, sleep is suffering. And sleep is important…

Ultra Productive

Some people can function on very little sleep. These people are a minority. Their genes make them function on 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night. Mind you, this is very rare.

Routinely you’ll hear someone say they can get by on 5 hours of sleep per night. My default assumption is that they’re lying. Even the great entrepreneurs of our time, such as Elon Musk, cannot function properly on very little sleep. Think of all the crap Elon pulled lately and you’ll know what I mean.

Yet still, waking up early is a hallmark of people that are ultra productive. How does this work? Because for sure I’m not ultra productive at the moment.

Usually, people who wake up early, also go to bed early. On top of that, their diets are spot on and they don’t consume alcohol or caffeine right before going to bed. Even though they wake up maybe at 5 am, they get plenty of sleep and they fuel their bodies right. That makes a difference, compared to my 11.30 pm – 6 am sleep schedule, resulting in being tired, and me trying to fix that by drinking a lot of coffee.

Do I consider myself ultra productive? Nope! Do I want to be more like the ultra productive of this world? Hell yeah! I’m thinking Jocko Willink, Tim Ferriss, but also Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the days.

Sleep More

To be more productive, I think I have to sleep more. A while ago I posted about how I wake up early to get things done. The reason I wake up at 6 is that it gives me time to do physical training and work on my blog.

However, with all the things going on right now with starting a business, I find myself using the entire day and most of the weekend working. During the day I still work for my employer. That will be done in a week and half. During the night, I’m working on my own business, plus the podcast, plus this blog.

Little more than a week from now, that will be over. I’ll still be full-time working on my business, blog, and podcast, but I won’t have my job anymore. The business has to bring in the money then, but at least it saves up a lot of time!

When that happens, I also hope to sleep more. For now, I feel tired pretty much every day. I wake up tired. At work I am not performing 100%. I’m not sloppy, but rather I feel unfocused, working at 80%.

For now, I will not be working out in the mornings. Instead, I’m going to sleep a little longer. Also, I’m trying to go to bed early. But I also have to get my work done. It’s busy having a job and starting a business at the same time. I accept that. One more week.

How much do you sleep? Do you feel tired during the day?

2 thoughts on “One More Week Of Busy”

  1. Sleep is quite important yes. Next to that, I think prioritization of what you work on is just as important. Direction and speed both amount to success!