VWRL – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About This ETF

I’m a big fan of index investing in general, and the VWRL fund in particular. Currently, I’m not looking to maximize my dividend income. Rather, I focus on getting an optimized total return. And that is exactly what VWRL offers: it tracks the world economy by investing in about 3,500 different companies around the globe.

degiro costs

A Look Into The True DEGIRO Costs For Passive Investors In ETFs

An easy way to make more money as an investor is to keep your costs low. Costs are directly related to your long term returns. If your costs increase, you will make less money. The differences are huge. Today we’re going to look at DEGIRO costs for passive investors.

reit etfs

Are REIT ETFs Good For Extra Real Estate Exposure?

If increasing your wealth is your goal, you have to invest. Investing can be done in numerous ways. I’m a big fan of investing in stocks through low cost index funds and ETFs. I’m also a wannabe real estate investor, still looking for my first rental property. It is possible to merge these two investing strategies, by investing in REIT ETFs. Is investing in REIT ETFs worth it? Let’s find out!

VWRL vs IWDA: Which is Better for European Investors?

Today I want to discuss two pretty good ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that European index investors seem to love. We’re going to try to determine which fund is the better investment, by looking at things like fees, dividends, liquidity, and management. VWRL vs IWDA: Let the showdown begin!

DEGIRO ETF Investing – an Ultimate Guide in 6 Steps

Making the most of your money in Europe has never been easier. There are plenty of platforms now you can use to invest with, my favourite one being DEGIRO. In this article, I will guide you through DEGIRO ETF investing.