What are Stocks and Index Funds, ETFs, Mutual Funds?

stocks index funds

Stocks, or shares, always have a strange vibe around them if you talk about them. People don’t understand them. They might joke a bit about it and then leave. Even when stocks and index funds are such powerful tools to become financially free. What are Stocks and Shares? Stocks are simply ownership certificates of a … Read moreWhat are Stocks and Index Funds, ETFs, Mutual Funds?

Market Timing is Pointless – As Told By Bob

market timing

As the equity markets are in solid correction territory (more than 10% decline from recent peak) and probably on it’s way to being a bear market (20% decline), people are wondering whether they should invest right now. The answer is yes. You should invest right now. Marketing timing is pointless, as shown by the story … Read moreMarket Timing is Pointless – As Told By Bob

The Dutch Retirement System

dutch retirement system

Every country seems to have a different retirement system. In this article, I will explain how the system in The Netherlands works. Based on this system, I have to make certain choices regarding my (early) retirement. Below are the three pillars in the Dutch retirement system. The Three Pillars of Retirement Here in The Netherlands, … Read moreThe Dutch Retirement System