Looking Back at 2018 – Finances and Life

looking back at 2018

2018 is almost over and it’s been a fantastic year. Lots of things happened in my life, and in this post I want to stand still by some of them. Today we will be looking back at 2018! Looking Back at 2018, I Changed Jobs In 2018 quite a few things in my life changed. … Read moreLooking Back at 2018 – Finances and Life

Retirement Investment Optimisation – My New Portfolio

retirement investments

A while ago I posted about the Dutch retirement system, and how you can save money for retirement in three different pillars. This is an article about optimising my pillar two savings, the employer’s retirement account. Default Retirement Funds My employer and I put money into a pre-tax retirement account. The retirement company then invests … Read moreRetirement Investment Optimisation – My New Portfolio

The Power of the Side Hustle

side hustle

Having one or more side hustles can dramatically accelerate your path to financial independence. A side hustle is a job or business that you exploit besides your full time or main job. Side Hustle Types There are hundreds of potentials ways to make money in your spare time. Just search for side hustle ideas online and … Read moreThe Power of the Side Hustle

How I Analyse: My Personal Finance Dashboards

personal finance dashboard

To measure is to know, also in the personal finance world. Tracking your income and expenses, investments and net worth should become a standard for individuals striving to reach financial independence. I have a set of personal finance dashboards that I use to keep on top of my finances. Do you too?

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You Need a Budget – YNAB (part 2)


In this blog series I show you how to use budgets in a non-restrictive order, you become the boss of your money. The tool I use to create my budget is called YNAB, short for You Need A Budget. This post is about your embracing your true expenses.

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

If you want to start using YNAB, please use my affiliate link. It will give both you and me a free month of YNAB. God I love these win-win scenarios!

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