Looking Back at 2018 – Finances and Life

looking back at 2018

2018 is almost over and it’s been a fantastic year. Lots of things happened in my life, and in this post I want to stand still by some of them. Today we will be looking back at 2018! Looking Back at 2018, I Changed Jobs In 2018 quite a few things in my life changed. … Read moreLooking Back at 2018 – Finances and Life

September 2018 Overview


We’re well into October 2018 already, so here’s my financial and personal overview of September! Finances Financially speaking, September was not a really good month. My savings rate was quite low, since I replaced my laptop. As an almost religious YNAB follower I saved up for the replacement, but still it’s quite a bit of … Read moreSeptember 2018 Overview

Refinancing My Apartment to Lower Interest Payments


This week I finally did it. I signed on the dotted line, and promised the bank that I will pay them back a crapload of money. I have been busy refinancing my apartment.

After all the considerations, spreadsheets, and thinking I knew this is a good idea. When you see the official paperwork, and the amount you owe, it’s a different feeling. Suddenly it seems like a lot of money. However, I guess a lot of people wouldn’t consider the mortgage I took out as a high mortgage.

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