Savings Rate Calculation – A New System

savings rate calculation

To become financially independent, you have to track your finances. I write articles monthly on how my finances are progressing, in my Monthly Overview posts. I have also given you insight in how I analyse my finances. In both posts, the savings rate is an important measure. For 2018, I’m going to change my savings … Read moreSavings Rate Calculation – A New System

2019 Budget, by Popular Request

2019 budget

Today is a one-off post outside my regular schedule of Monday and Thursday (and the occasional Thoughts on Tuesday). Yesterday I wrote about my 2019 financial outlook. When discussing it on Reddit, people asked me to share more details on the 2019 budget. Disclaimer: In this article I mention YNAB a¬†few times. I am currently … Read more2019 Budget, by Popular Request

Looking Forward to 2019 – Financial Planning

looking forward to 2019

Posting my plans and goals for 2019 makes sense, after I reviewed the year of 2018 on Monday. I have been looking forward to 2019 for a few weeks already, budgeting and planning. I will plan out my goals both conservatively and optimistically, to arrive at a range. Landing anywhere in that range would make … Read moreLooking Forward to 2019 – Financial Planning