December 2018 Overview and Yearly Update

december 2018 overview

This post is the December overview, and the 2018 yearly update! I liked previous month’s format with finances and blogging so I’ll keep it. Also I promised to start posting detailed numbers. I will start doing that with the January 2019 update. For now an update as you are used from me. Finances I had … Read moreDecember 2018 Overview and Yearly Update

October 2018 Overview – Savings Rate and More

october 2018 overview

This monthly overview is very, very late. I know. I have not been paying attention, and since I was putting out blog articles regularly, I didn’t see that my October update was lacking. Since we’re almost into December, there’s still time. Here’s my October 2018 overview! Finances In financial terms, I did way better in … Read moreOctober 2018 Overview – Savings Rate and More

The Power of the Side Hustle

side hustle

Having one or more side hustles can dramatically accelerate your path to financial independence. A side hustle is a job or business that you exploit¬†besides your full time or main job. Side Hustle Types There are hundreds of potentials ways to make money in your spare time. Just search for side hustle ideas online and … Read moreThe Power of the Side Hustle