Fire the Belly 002


This is part two of my new weekly health related post, Fire the Belly. Every week I will write an update on physical and mental health, sports, and food.

This week was a though one. Every other week I travel abroad to a client, and this was the first week of my new schedule. I switched the travel days around and now I’m leaving Sunday night and returning Wednesday night. That for sure came in the way of some planned sports activities!

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Fire the Belly 001


So, I’ve been playing with lifestyle-related posts for a while now. The reason is that the road to financial independence is boring. Man! The boring middle does exist! Anyway, lifestyle for me is about optimising your life, not just your finances, to enjoy FI even more. Fire the Belly is my new series about health.

Being healthy should make it easier to enjoy your FI lifestyle instead of just being after the money.

This might be weird on a personal finance blog, but it’s my site. Also, I see more and more bloggers write about their health so I can’t be the only one putting value to being fit.

This little joke that went on on Twitter now gets real, I’ll put out a regular article on Saturday on how I fire my belly. Gotta stay loyal to the FTB brand right!

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