Rockstars Know Rockstars – Why Smart Friends Matter

This article is a re-edit from an article I posted early this year on the Dutch version of my blog.

You are the average of the five persons you hang out with the most. That’s a fact. With average I mean anything. Level of education, wealth, physical fitness, anything. Rockstars know rockstars!

Why Successful People Hang with Successful People

This phenomenon is coined the Rockstars know Rockstars principle, I believe by David Greene from the BiggerPockets real estate podcast.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities tend to marry other celebrities? The people you hang out with are a large factor in your habits. I think it has to do with your perception of what you consider normal.

When all of your friends drive massive cars and go on expensive holidays, chances are you do so too.

Usually a group of friends is also quite similar in their level of education. In my group of friends that’s certainly true. Think of your own friends. I was right, wasn’t I? Or do you have friends that are several levels above or below you regarding education?

You Are the Average of the Five People You Hang Out With the Most

This principle also works on the topic of financial independence. And that can be a problem. If you read this blog, chances are you have a significant income.

The problem is when your friends also have a significant income, and spend all of it. There can be quite some social pressure on you then to also spend a lot of money.

In my group of friends I see that no-one I know is interested in financial independence and that’s fine. I see that most of my friends make comparable salaries to mine, and they like spending it.

Luckily the pressure is easy to deal with. Usually they ask whether I go out with them to the bar, and hell yeah I’m down for that! There is no pressure to go on big holidays or drive expensive cars. Luckily not!

Try To Surround Yourself with Rockstars

Because when you do, you will become one yourself. One of the reasons to start this blog is to meet more rockstars. I want to be surrounded by people that are enthusiastic about finances. People that are not afraid to speak their mind when I talk about controversial topics such as refinancing my apartment or not paying off my student loans.

I am not looking for people in my life who think that investing is stupid. On this blog, and with the many other financial blogs I follow, I feel at home.

Who are your rockstars? 

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