Technical Updates to Fire The Boss

Hello hello, dear reader! In the second half of this month, I’m planning to do some technical improvements to the site. This might mean some downtime in the following two weeks, but please know this is temporary!

New Hosting Company

If you have been reading Fire The Boss when suddenly the connection dropped, you’re not the only one.

My current hosting company isn’t as reliable anymore as they used to be. That means I will switch to another company, that should be way better.

This switch should hopefully take place without too much downtime. However, expect that maybe a comment won’t go through, or that you have to reload the website if it doesn’t load properly the first time.

No need to worry, just know that I’m busy improving the experience for you!

SSL Certificates and Security

As you might have noticed, some browsers now indicate Fire The Boss as being “not secure”. That’s right. Because I don’t have a valid SSL certificate the browser can’t make a secure connection to my site.

Now you don’t have to worry about this! Since you’re not transmitting personal data to my web site, there’s nothing to be stolen. However, because I want to offer you all the best service, I will switch to HTTPS and SSL really quickly.

Then you never have to worry again browsing your favourite personal finance site on the web!

I Should Have Done This Sooner

Just now when making the plans to move the sites, I realise I should’ve done this sooner.

I could have had more visitors, with better user experience. Google rewards website owners for having fast and secure websites. Users love seeing that little green lock indicating they’re visiting a safe website.

The costs of running the sites would’ve been way lower. My current hosting company isn’t the cheapest. They’re also not expensive, but it can always be better. And since I not only run Fire The Boss but also its Dutch predecessor I can save some money by switching.

Keeping Myself Busy

Switching over the sites is not hard, but it’s also not a one-click job.

I did some research and came to the conclusion I need to execute the following process:

  • Copying the existing site (creating a backup)
  • Activating the new web hosting system
  • Move the domain name
  • Upload the backup to the new hosting company
  • Cancel the old hosting contract
  • Moving the site to HTTPS/SSL

I hope the process will be quick and without hiccups. Please let me know if something doesn’t work. I’m trying to deconstruct financial independence in Europe for you guys. Please help me to do that :-)